Rose Gold Sunless Tanner

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Rose Gold Self Tanning Mousse will melt into your skin and develop into a deep rich bronze tan!

This luxury self-tanning mousse is easy to apply, doesn't smell, and is streak-free.

No Orange here!

Created by a Professional Spray Tan Artist and a Boutique Owner for the perfect bronze glow that PHOTOGRAPHS well. Pro-quality finish for anyone who wants to achieve flawless, glowing, camera-ready skin.

We have tested many and finally landed on the perfect formulation. 

100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Organic, All Natural Ingredients.

This self-tanning mousse is used by models, makeup artists and social media influencers.

Deep bronze color continues to develop over 8 hours

Dark Color Guide with 10% Natural DHA

Beautiful Believable Tan