Florica Floret Diffuser


About this product

Freshen up your home with Spongellé’s® most celebrated fragrances. Created exclusively for Spongellé,® the Florets are hand-sewn and made of a natural ta pioca fiber that takes on the shade of the fragrance oil—blooming with rich, bold color within 48 hours. Each set features a Floret with a cotton wick and an exquisite hand-blown glass vase to infuse the flower in the diffuser oil for a beautiful time-released fragrance that lasts up to 8 weeks. Refills available for purchase. Smells Like A sparkling blend of rose, spices, tropical fruit, and water lily Feels Like A romantic moonlit evening stroll Fragrance Notes T: Rose M: Water Lily B: Sweet Musk Elevate the ambiance of any space with our sophisticated diffusers, making them the perfect addition to your home decor store, spa, or gift shop. These elegant diffusers not only enhance the atmosphere but also contribute to the overall wellness of any environment.

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